Road Freight

Our company offers you road freight transport both within the area of Europe and to third countries. All-risk insurance included.

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Rail Freight

Freight Consulting, s.r.o. can make use of the railways to transport your consignments, including dangerous goods transported under the RIP. All-risk freight insurance.

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Ocean Freight

Ocean freight transport is also an option. Don’t hesitate to use ocean shipping to have your consignments delivered all over the world. Transport of dangerous goods under the IMO guidelines.

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About Us

Founded in 2013 in Bratislava, Slovakia, Freight Consulting s.r.o. builds upon the acquired experience and know-how in the field of transport and logistics that we want to share with our customers. The company focuses on international freight transport and freight forwarding supplemented by consulting and advisory services related to transport and logistics.

The company’s reputation is firmly based on the professionalism of its people who have long-term experience with freight forwarding, are experts in their field, and, above all, carry out their work with responsibility and reliability.

Our customers are mostly from Slovakia, Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia and, less frequently, from other countries.

The quality of the services we provide is guaranteed by our expertise, topped up by frequent specialist training courses focused on instruction in the field of transport and logistics.

The company’s representatives regularly participate in tutorials to familiarise themselves with newly-issued regulations.

The company utilises a well-established system of quality management that sets the requirements for the organisation and controlling of all quality-related activities with the aim of making sure our clients’ needs are met through the provision of high-quality services.

The primary and long-term focus of Freight Consulting, s.r o. is to provide quality services in the area of transport and logistics. We use our understanding of transport and logistics as the basis for the creation of complex solutions for our clients and constantly seek ways in which to help our clients meet their goals through our transport know-how. Besides fulfilling our customers’ requirements, we can also help them adjust and optimise processes and increase their efficiency.