About us

Company Freight consulting s.r.o. was founded in 2013 in Bratislava, in response to lessons learned and knowledge in the field of transport and logistics, with which the company wants to share with its customers. The primary activity of the company is international freight transport and forwarding in conjunction with the consultation on transport and logistics.

  • Building company name, we built on the professionalism of people performing a forwarding business with years of experience who must be experts in the field, but especially people who are responsible and reliable and so they put up with their work.
  • Company customers are mainly from countries Slovakia, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, and occasionally even from other countries.
  • Guarantee the quality of services is the expertise and regular training will be training in transport and logistics.
  • Representatives of the company at regular intervals undergo vocational training, which explains the new regulations.
  • The company has built and established a quality management system governing the requirements for organization and management of all activities related to quality. This system shall provide quality services at the level that will satisfy the needs of our clients.
  • The primary and long-term orientation Freight Consulting Ltd. the provision of quality services in the field of transport and logistics. We combine knowledge of transport and logistics in comprehensive solutions for our clients and to seek ways of using the knowledge of transport to help clients realize their goals. We are able not only to transform the clients' requirements, but we can also help you set up, optimize and streamline processes.