Customs services

In the field of customs services, you can rely on us to process import and export documents and other customs services. We assess each of our clients individually and, based on their needs, we try to find the best possible services that we provide in our comprehensive customs services.We will provide you with all the administrative items needed to import or export goods to third countries. Years of experience, regular training and a professional approach ensure quality services.

Comprehensive customs declaration services that we offer:

  • liability for a customs debt, according to the Customs Code for a period of 10 days
  • tax advice also in customs advice
  • provision of reports for Intrastat - SK
  • processing of all documents and also representing our clients

Import of goods from third countries

  • We fill in all the necessary forms relating to the import customs clearance.
  • We can fill in import customs documents (type: JCD and JCDd) for you.
  • We represent / deputize you in customs clearance in direct / indirect way.
  • We answer for your customs debt.

Export of goods from third countries

  • We fill in all the necessary forms relating to the export customs clearance.
  • We process your export customs documents T1 / T2.
  • We furnish / provide you ATA Carnet to a temporary import of goods to third countries without duties.
  • We furnish you TIR Carnet used in transport of goods by road.

Other customs services

  • Customs agent of our company inform you of all movement of your cargo.
  • We inform you about all the necessary requirements in the whole process of customs clearance.
  • Neutralization of documents in a duty-free zone.
  • We provide all customs operations / actions necessary for export / import of your goods.