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Company Freight consulting s.r.o. was founded in 2013 in Bratislava, in response to lessons learned and knowledge in the field of transport and logistics, with which the company wants to share with its customers.

The primary activity of the company is international freight transport and forwarding in conjunction with the consultation on transport and logistics.

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International shipments - import / export under restricted regime

International shipments - import / export under restricted regime

Dear business partner, All businesses, trading companies as well as we are fighting during COVID- 19. Our drivers and workers have shown loyalty and have not stopped going to work even if it poses a health risk. Currently our fleet is 100% in motion. We work in all destinations, but the biggest burden is on Spain and the most affected Italy.

Interview with Mercedes Benz editor-in-chief for

Interview with Mercedes Benz editor-in-chief for "The World of Mercedes"

The company is growing with its owner Although it has been operating on the motor transport market for only seven years, at the age of 34, it has been successfully operating in the world of transport as an experienced “harcovník”. Ing. Peter Komenda, MBA - owner of Freight consulting s.r.o ...


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