You need to store your goods, but you have no available storage space? Are you looking for someone, who will offer you logistic services? Please, contact us and we will arrange everything for you. Our team of experts propose full solutions to logistics project of your company. In the area of logistic services we have long-time experience leading to continual improvement and modernization of services provided to our customers. Division 'logistic services' covers logistic centers for our significant customers in different locations in Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Long-term/short-term storage

  • We provide you storage of goods.
  • Storage spaces designed for the storage of pallet and piece goods.
  • Comprehensive services from picking-up goods, through care of items in stock, to delivery of them to the agreed place.
  • Professional handling of goods is guaranteed.

Services of customs warehouses

  • Suitable for consignments subject to customs surveillance.
  • During the export / import we deliver goods to the customs warehouse.
  • In warehouses we carry out customs clearance within our supplied customs services.
  • After completing customs clearance we transport your goods from the customs warehouse.


  • Our task is to prepare warehouses for inventory.
  • After initial preparing of warehouses we systematically organize the whole course of inventory.
  • In the end we will record inventory differences.
  • Conduct of an inventory will increase transparency in your stocks.
  • After performing the inventory you can better develop your purchasing and production plan.
  • By inventory we ensure you optimal availability of supplies.

Neutralization of documents

  • The final customer will receive your delivery note and not that one who received it at loading port.
  • Just stay to remind the dispatcher of this fact when dealing with the realisation of transport.
  • Documents and information will be delivered according to your requirements.
  • Loyalty of dispatcher and driver is self-evident.

Other services

  • Packaging your shipment (co-packing).
  • Labeling your shipment.
  • Palletization your shipments.
  • Repalletization your shipment.
  • Shipment assembly.
  • Registration and control of your shipment.
  • Issuance the shipping / accompanying documents.