Road freight transportation

Our company mainly specializes in road freight transport. We are engaged in international transport with our own vehicles, but also concerned with inland freight transport and forwarding. Our biggest strength is international road transport.The advantage of road transport is especially high availability to final destinations provided by a dense road infrastructure. It is possible to carry out transport of whatever cargo to almost anywhere on this planet, even where railway does not exist and there is no access to the sea. The main destinations include countries of the European Union. We have CEMT license that facilitate us to transport outside the EU. The most commonly realised transport include: to / from Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Finland, etc.

Truck transport in Central European countries, such as the Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland. In the eastern part of Europe Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Ukraine. In Northern Europe in countries such as Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden. Southern European countries Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece, Croatia, Malta, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Italy, Vatican. And finally in Western Europe, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco.

FTL services - full truckload transport

  • Suitable for larger shipments occupying the whole truck.
  • If you have a requirement that goods shouldn´t have been handled with, so this type of transport is the best choice.
  • Least time-consuming mode of transport. The shipment goes straight from the pick-up point to the point of delivery.
  • We choose a vehicle for your freight according to your exact requirements.

LTL services - less than truckload shipping

  • Suitable for smaller shipments not occupying the whole truck.
  • The client does not pay for the whole truck, only an aliquot part.
  • We focus on various shipping amount: a wide range from one / many pallete to oversized cargo.
  • Compared to the collection service (groupage-load) this type of service is less time-consuming because doesn´t take place any items completion / full loading of the truck.
  • During transport we naturally ensure professional / proper handling of goods.

Collection service (groupage load)

  • Suitable for shipments from one client heading to multiple destinations.
  • We'll just collect the goods from you, subsequently we complete them and deliver to the agreed places. So each one piece of your freight we are able to unload at various point of dellivery as it was before arranged.
  • Shipments are completed by the team of professionals and by that potential damages of goods are minimized.

Other transportation mode / s

  • Transportation of dangerous goods according to ADR.
  • Transport under controllable temperature.
  • Express transport – in 48h.
  • Excessive and oversized shipments.
  • Transportation in accordance with ATP agreement.